Seagate FAIL

One of the first things I have to do when I got back home was swap out a dead Seagate drive. Not a problem. Things fail, that’s why they have warranties.

Up until you call.

They can’t cross-ship a drive to me because they can’t authorize a my card for the $20+whatever they need.

What’s this, bitches?

08/18/2009 SIGNED PURCHASE SEAGATE.COM\\800-732-4283 POS 22.62

That’s straight from my checking account. What the f*** do you mean you can’t charge my card? Don’t give me whatever bullshit line you gave me.

Neither the CSR nor her manager even has the number for “the department above me” (what, the department has no name?) that can tell me what’s going on. He put my phone number on there for them to call “maybe they’ll call… or maybe they don’t do that.” This is not how you deal with a customer. That is how you fail.

If you’re making business critical systems, be prepared to support them. If you can’t, use someone that can. Paypal has this whole payment thing down — use them if that’s what it takes.

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2 Responses to Seagate FAIL

  1. Diana says:

    Since the transaction was processed as a signed debit card transaction, you should have 60 days to dispute it through KeyBank under federal compliance regulation E. (Helps that I work there and teach this stuff!) If they aren’t willing to honor the warranty, I’d go this route.

  2. gburgyan says:

    True, the part that really pisses me off is that they got the charge through but their system kicked it out for no reason and they have a “secret department” that claims it didn’t. Their systems are defective.

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